Poem for Duduk, Violin, Flute and String Orchestra

  • Chamber Orchstestra of St. Petersburg
  • Chamber Choir of the Smolney Cathedral/ St. Petersburg
  • Solo Duduk: Stanislav Zhukovsky
  • Solo Violin: Irina Sojnikow
  • Artistic Director: Vladimir Begletsov


A gift to the orient

In this work, in addition to flute and violin, there is an unusual solos: Duduk, played by a young talent from the Ukraine. This ancient musical instrument was created in today's Armenia. His marvelous timbre, which is similar to the human voice, is due to Duduk from the apricot tree from which it is made. In the meantime almost forgotten, Duduk came out again in some well-known filmproductions (as in the films "The last temptation of Christ", "Gladiator", "Pirates of the Caribbean").