Concerto for violin and string orchestra, at Germany, Neustadt/Weinstrasse, Saalbau on 24th november 2014

Sinfonie Orchestra of Philharmonic Pavlodar/Kasachstan
Solo: Irina Sojnikow
Conductor: Bolat Rakhimzhanov

Part 6: The Heavenly Light

The Path to the Tempel, Neustadt-Germany, Part 6

Concerto for violin and string orchestra

Eternal Springs
Auguste Rodin

Everyone is looking for his own way to the divine, everyone has to overcome dangers and temptations. Love leads man, but one can not always distinguish the divine voice of love from the voice of self-love. The struggle of these two elements takes place within us, divides us almost in two halves, almost rips us apart at every fork in our life path. This is what Alexander Soynikov tells us in his unusual string concert. Shortly to his scenes:

1. The search. On stage, a human figure appears (the violinist), who is awkwardly seeking her way (her own melody).
2. The constraint. Fate (man in black) appears and submits to man. The orchestra falls, - his music and the music of the violin are mechanical, numb, senseless.
3. The temptation. The destiny of man leads man from one to another supposed joy. For three levels of temptation are three rhythms that remind us of chanson, tango and jazz.
4. Love. Nevertheless, man defies the temptations and finally finds his way to LOVE.
5. Over rough paths to the stars. Earthly love is the only gateway to freedom. Man longs for divine love, but in order to attain it, he must recognize and overcome much suffering. Weakened by a long struggle, man has hardly any life force.
6. The Heavenly Light. A heavenly messenger (man in white) now appears on the stage, he stretches out his hand to the human being and leads him into the temple of the LIGHT.