in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

  • Tschaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moskow, conductor: Wladimir Fedoseyev
  • Yurlov Capella Choir, conductor: Gennady Dmitryak
  • Organ: Professor Rubin Abdulin
  • Soloists of the Bolchoi Theater: Agunda Kulaeva (mezzo soprano), Alexei Tatarinsev (tenor)
  • Soloist of the Mariinsky Theater: Oksana Schilova (soprano)
  • Soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic: Vladimir Avtomonov (baritone)

Mysterium for soloists, choir and orchestra


The music was by the masterpiece of the Russian poet of the same name and mysticism of the twentieth century Daniil Andreyev (1906-1959).
Its basic idea is the unification of mankind in one the entire planet embracing brotherhood, and the time when this occurs is called the era of "Rosa Mira" by Andreyev.
In this work, the idea of ​​unification is represented by the opposites and vonnection of two layers: the western in the form of a Catholic and the eastern in the form of an Orthodox liturgy.


From afar, it seems from heaven, the voices of the chorus sound "Svjatij Boge" (Holy God), which symbolize the first humanity breated by the God-Creator and the coronation and triumph of His Strength and love for all being. But mix in unexpectedly other chords in the soft and light fabric of the music, chords of the devilish temptation.

The chorus falls silent and the "People of the Earth" part begins, one with ineffable grief and grief filled melody, caused by two oboes and is called upon to bring the human being into his own Fullness and variety. Man is wonderful, seems to confirm the music, but the eternal contradiction that exists in him as a result of his fall, divides his soul into two halves - into a light and a finstre one. Their eternal and agonizing wrestling Determines the life of man.

The following parts of the mystery are dedicated to these struggling:
"Lux Aeterna", "Agnus Dei", "Kyrie" and "Lacrymosa". The one filled with tragedy
Music of "Lacrymosa" completes the representation of this gigantic, many thousands of years lasting historical drama.
The resurrection of humanity, which leads to the victory of light, to the victory of the "Rosa Mira" - "Sanctus". However, this contradiction in the human nature is still not quite overcome on this stage. Evil returns in the form of the antichrist. It begins an era of terror and suffering - "Requiem", which is ended through the coming of Jesus Christ - "Return".
The sound of numerous bells proclaims the breaking of the Last Judgment. The page of man's earthly history is circumnavigated. It begins the era of its enlightenment and merging with God - four last choirs. Almost imperceptibly the music fades and it begins a silence of faith, hope and love...

The duration of the performance is approximately 45 minutes.

Excerpts from different performances:

End of the part "People of the Earth", then "Lux Aeterna"
People of the Earth, then Lux Aeterna

"Holy God"
Holy God

End of part "Sanctus"

Complete audio-recording of Moskau premiere on 17th march 2017